Used Honda EU10i Generator

This is a used honda EU10i generator In excellent A1 condition.
Fully serviced

Price £420 + £20 Delivery UK mainland

Until today, generators have been heavy and difficult to transport, noisy and generally unpleasant to use - but not anymore. The arrival of the EU10i has revolutionised the choices for consumers seeking energy self-sufficiency. It is small, portable and very quiet and provides the clean and durable power our customers have come to expect from Honda. Making 1000 watts available for use, the EU10i is the perfect power source for people on the move, or for those people left stranded without electricity.

Model EU10i inverter suitcase
Max HP 1.8
Sound level (DB) 52

Output (kw):  Rated 

Output Voltage (V) 230 vac / 12 vdc

Continuous Operating 
Hours Without Refuelling 
at Rated Load 

3.6 - 8.3
Dimensions (mm) L:450, W:240, H:380
Dry Weight (kg) 13

Fuel Type 

Price (including Vat)
The EU10i Honda Inverter

Inverter Technology
giving a pure sine wave
pure power is better
than mains.